Our Vision
Spokbee sprouted from the meeting of minds between Mac, a dedicated CAD educator from MIT with a passion for design and manufacturing, and Karina, a skilled software architect with a knack for solving complex problems. Together, we saw a future where innovation in mass customization could flourish, powered by the synergy of advanced manufacturing and cloud CAD.

Our Mission
Our mission at Spokbee is to make the path from imagination to realization smooth and accessible for everyone involved. We aim to empower sellers with swift product development, offer buyers personalized choices, and provide manufacturers with a stream of projects ready for production. We’re committed to simplifying the manufacturing process, making it more efficient and inclusive.

Our Solution
Spokbee is designed to be a catalyst for manufacturers looking to navigate the evolving demands of customization. Our platform speeds up the product development cycle, offering a seamless bridge from design to delivery. We focus on providing practical solutions that enhance the manufacturing process, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds market expectations. With Spokbee, we're not just streamlining operations; we're fostering a community where innovation thrives.

Mac Cameron. Karina Cameron. Spokbee co-founders. Product configurators. Customization. On-demand marketplace for custom goods. Engineered goods. Mass customization.


Mac Cameron. Spokbee CEO.
Mac Cameron
Previously: MIT, Stratasys
Karina Cameron. Spokbee CTO.
Karina Cameron
Previously: Pluralsight, MGH
Imants Smidchens. Spokbee CAD Engineer.
Imants Smidchens
CAD Engineer
Previously: Onshape
Jamie Chang. Spokbee Database Engineer.
Jamie Chang
Database Engineer
David Sawyer. Spokbee Sales.
David Sawyer
Business Development
Kishan Bhatt
Senior Software Engineer


John Hart. Spokbee advisor.
A. John Hart
Professor and Head of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Marty Culpepper. Spokbee advisor
Marty Culpepper
Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Cora Leibig. Spokbee Advisor
Cora Leibig
Founder, Chromatic 3D Materials 
John Howard. Spokbee advisor
John Howard
Founder/CEO, MIT Horizon
Dale Bertrand. Spokbee advisor
Dale Bertrand
Founder/President, Fire & Spark, Marketing
Dustin Klemopkin. Spokbee advisor
Dustin Klemopkin
Applications Engineer, HP